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Tara Tokarski "Jack O'lantern"

Tara Tokarski “Jack O’lantern”

Many years ago, Tara Tokarski and I used to sell art at a famous Florida gallery. Do you know what an Art Consultant job is? We didn’t make too much money, but there were hundreds of new faces every day since it was located somewhere with a lot of traffic. Talking, dancing, jumping and singing for our customers was normal for us, as well as closing our gallery around 1-2 AM every night, and the word “SALE” in our tired brains all the time. It was very hard, yet I still believe that I had a good job, because I didn’t just sell art – with each painting I shared the artist’s and my feelings with our guests. Every day I had a chance to make someone happier. Believe it or not, sometimes people visited our gallery again and again not only for art, but also to see my colleagues, talk, and get some good feelings. I am glad that Tara was one of these lovely, intelligent and kind people.

Tara Tokarski "Little Red Riding Hood"

Tara Tokarski “Little Red Riding Hood”

Recently I have found that Tara stopped selling someone’s art – yet she had become a good artist and talented illustrator. She makes children books beautiful – what more could you ask for?

Tara Tokarski "Headless Horseman"

Tara Tokarski “Headless Horseman”

Working for that gallery, we sometimes saw a crying young boy or girl. It was a pleasure to come to the unhappy kid, say something cheerful warm and to see a smile on their little face. I believe that Tara is fortunate – her works can make many people smile.

Last week I met Tara and her amazing Robot (my childhood dream!) during the Orlando Museum of Art event. Tara’s husband helped her to make this attractive smiling wooden boy with a big heart. Hope the Robot finds his new home soon.



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