oil painting stilllife flowers realistic art homedesign interior design

Sentinel of the Lost Aesthetic

Jose Pardo on the

oil painting canvas stilllife flowers music realistic art homedesign interior design

One Last Dance Jose Pardo

Jose Pardo:

I was born in 1964 in Habana Cuba and migrated to Spain at the age of 5 with my mother and grandmother. I spent two years in the outskirts of Madrid learning to play football and trying at times unsuccessfully, to stay out of trouble. When we arrived in the New York, I was overwhelmed by the enormous size of the cars and skyscrapers. As a child I loved to travel into Manhattan with my grandfather to purchase fabrics for his custom tailor business, all the while hoping to catch a glimpse of Spiderman swinging between the buildings.

I have to credit my High School art teacher, Thomas Carcich with giving me my foundation in art and being instrumental in guiding me to study art in college. After receiving a BFA from Jersey City State College (now New Jersey City University) in 1988, I worked in several businesses to business advertising agencies in New Jersey as an artist before marrying and moving to Orlando Florida to start a family with my wife in 1992. In Orlando, I have worked as an artist for Disney, Scholastic, and Universal among others.

After an unintentional hiatus of over 20 years, I returned to oil painting in 2012. Wanting to give my mother a more unique Birthday present than in recent years, I decided to do a small oil painting for her. Delighted at how much I enjoyed the process, I was more than a little dismayed at how much I had forgotten! I immediately set out to improve my skill with oils. I know I can never reach my ever advancing and evolving goals, but I strive to make progress with every painting. I still live and paint in Orlando with my wonderfully supportive wife, two amazing children, and three very mischievous cats.


oil painting nude angel wings night mystic realistic art homedesign interior design

A Sainted Maiden Jose Pardo

oil painting stilllife flowers dragon realistic art homedesign interior design

The Dragon and The Peacock Jose Pardo



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