Ana Caravias

She could turn everything into treasures: a lump of clay, a piece of wood, a glove. Her angels play a violin and flute, her art works are full of flowers. She loves telling about her big family and a beautiful little ballerina – her granddaughter.


Ana Caravias was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as Ana Velia Lara, on January 1st. 1943.
She studied teaching and psychology in Buenos Aires and Massachusetts, USA.

In the early 70s, she started her ceramic studies and began to take interest in the artistic possibilities of fused glass. She completed her studies in fire arts (ceramics, glass, enamel on metal), with courses in Valencia (Venezuela), Detroit (USA), Orlando (USA) and Bogotá (Colombia) and was a founding member and Secretary-General for ten years of the Asociación Carabobeña de las Artes del Fuego (ACAF).


During her tenure, it was founded Centígrado, a magazine devoted to the arts of fire. She was a member of its Advisory Council and an active collaborator.
She has given numerous lectures and written study guides, aimed at all age groups, for appreciation of the arts of fire.
Is a member of several artistic associations: Venezuelan Association of Artists (AVAP-Carabobo), Vitrum-Research Group (Caracas), Mid-Florida Ceramic Guild, USA.

Awards: Mención del Jurado (1999), Premio Ciudad de Valencia (2000), in Salón Nacional de las Artes del Fuego.  Orden Arturo Michelena en su Única Clase, from Alcaldía de Valencia.  Peggy Award, XVIII Fall Florida Ceramic Show, USA.  Ana has been a Juror in Salón Nacional de las Artes del Fuego (2004), and in Eureka Universia (2003).

Her work is represented in collections at the University of Carabobo, Universidad José Antonio Páez, Mayor of Valencia, Museum of Sarreguemines (France), Museum of Contemporary Art (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), Ceramic Mosaic Museum, ( BuenosAires , Argentina), Museum of Ceramics (Cuenca, Ecuador), and in private collections in different countries. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

In 2008, she moved to Orlando (USA), where she works independently in her workshop Forma y Fuego.







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